Investment Policy

CPNREIT will focus on its investments in immovable properties, leasehold rights in immovable properties, and sub-leasehold rights in high-end immovable properties, particularly shopping malls. CPNREIT will also invest in other types of immovable properties that are related to or complement immovable properties in the category of shopping malls, such as assets for commercial purposes, office buildings, hotels, and serviced apartments, etc., as core assets of CPNREIT. CPNREIT will do so by means of purchasing and/or leasing and/or sub-leasing and/or accepting transfer of leasehold rights and/or sub-leasehold rights in the core assets, and place emphasis on the generation of benefits in the form of rental income and service fees, or any other income of a similar nature. In addition, CPNREIT shall cause improvement, change, enhancement, development, and/ or disposal of assets for the purposes of generating income and returns to CPNREIT in the continuous interests of the unitholders in the long-term. Furthermore, CPNREIT also intends to make additional investments in additional assets in order to achieve the continuous growth of its income and so as to diversify risks through investment in immovable properties in different locations, as well as to invest in other assets and/or securities and/or to seek other benefits from any other methods in accordance with the Securities Laws and/or any other relevant laws.