Pinklao Tower A & Tower B

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Property Information
50,653 sqm
Gross Area
34,389 sqm
Leaseable Area
85.40 %
Occupancy Rate (1)

Nature of Investment

Subleasehold right over the land which is the location of CentralPlaza Pinklao with the total area of 24-2-84 rais and leasehold right over one building (partial) of CentralPlaza Pinklao and two office buildings (in whole), as well as indoor parking areas (partial). Furthermore, CPNREIT has leased the utilities systems and other assets in connection with CentralPlaza Pinklao Project for approximately 15 years, with the remaining lease period of approximately 5 years (the agreement will be expired on 31 December 2024). The investment also includes the ownership in related movable assets.