Hilton Pattaya

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Property Information
49,686 sqm
Gross Area
304 Rooms
Occupancy Rate (1)


(1) % of total rooms available for sales in 4Q20

Nature of Investment

Leasehold rights over the immovable properties, i.e., the building and structures of Hilton Pattaya comprising the hotel building (whole) and indoor parking area (whole); as well as, the leasehold rights over the utilities systems, i.e. electrical system, utilities system, telephone system, elevators, escalators, air conditioning system, engineering works system, wastewater treatment system, and various facilities of which installed and used in building and structures of Hilton Pattaya, including any rights relating to or in connection with the aforementioned systems; and the ownership of movable assets, i.e. equipment for decor, tools, instruments, whether fixed or not permanently fixed, including other equipment used for the purpose of installing decor or facilitating hotel guests and users of the building and structures of Hilton Pattaya. These are located on and/or fixed on the exterior or in the interior of the area of the building and structures of Hilton Pattaya