Corporate Governance

The REIT Manager recognizes the importance of corporate governance that it is crucial for the management of CPNREIT and the trust unitholders’ trust. Corporate governance also enables the trust unitholders, investors, and the public to know and examine the management of the REIT Manager. All this, the REIT Manager shall manage CPNREIT in accordance with the relevant laws, Trust Deed, and other related regulations as well as the principle of good corporate governance in order that the said policy is tangibly implemented.

Control on the Use of Inside Information

  1. Corporate Governance Policy

    The REIT Manager’s policy is to stringently comply with all and any securities laws, notifications, regulations, orders, or circular letters as amended or issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission (“the Office of the SEC”) and the Stock Exchange of Thailand (“SET”). The REIT Manager formulates the policy that every director and executive is required to report his or her conflict of interest and trading of trust units to the Risk Management and Compliance Department and such securities holding report which shall be further submitted to the Office of the SEC.

  2. Control on the Use of Inside Information

    The Risk Management and Compliance Department shall set up the measures and guideline of preventing the conflicts of interest between CPNREIT and persons who may have conflict of interest in order to sustain the best benefits of CPNREIT and the unitholders as a whole. The said measures include:

    • Disclosure of matters in which directors and management may have an interest
    • Guideline on protection and use of inside information