Unitholders' Meeting

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Notice for the Annual General Meeting Of the Unitholders for the Year 2021
Documents related to The 2021 Annual General Meeting of Trust Unitholders Download
Enclosure 1 The summary of significant questions and answers from inquiries of trust unitholders in lieu of convening the 2020 Annual General Meeting in QR-Code format Download
Enclosure 2 Annual Report 2020 in QR-Code format Download
Enclosure 3 Criteria for voting, submission of questions and/or expression of opinions, and guidelines for clarifications Download
Enclosure 4 Voting Form of Trust Unitholder Download
Enclosure 5 Inquiry and/or Suggestion Form for the year 2021 Download
Enclosures 6 Request Form for the hard copy of the Annual Report 2020 Download
Criteria for Unitholder to Propose Annual General Meeting Agenda Download