Investment Policy

CPNREIT will invest in immovable properties and leasehold rights over immovable properties with high potential. It will focus on investing in immovable properties in the type of shopping malls and/or retail properties, and may invest in other types of immovable properties that are related to or benefit shopping malls, such as commercial properties, office buildings, hotels, and service apartments, which will constitute CPNREIT’s core properties. Investments are made by means of purchasing and/or leasing and/or sub-leasing and/or accepting the assignment of leasehold rights and/or accepting the assignment of sub-leasehold rights of/over the core properties. Furthermore, CPNREIT will focus on generating and obtaining benefits in the form of income from rental and service fees, or other income of similar nature. CPNREIT will also engage in modification, change, development, enhancement of potential, and/or disposal of core properties to continuously generate income and benefit to it for the interests of unitholders in the long run. CPNREIT also aims to make additional investments in core properties for the purpose of continuous growth of its income base, and to diversify risk by means of investing in various immovable properties in different locations, as well as investing in other assets and/or securities, and/or to seek benefits by any other means in compliance with the securities law and/or any other applicable laws.